Palacio de luja

Palacio de Luja en Puerto de Santa María

Casa Palacio de Luja, is an 1865 historical building that has been recently renovated. It is located in the historic center of El Puerto de Santa María.

It consists of 20 spacious apartments that are divided between two beautiful Andalusian courtyards, consistent with the architecture of the original palace. It offers a swimming pool and parking garage.

All apartments are fully equipped offering all the comforts of home.

This town offers a wide range of sight-seeing attractions including the Casa de los Leones, Castillo de San Marcos, la Plaza de Toros, Main Church, a variety of museums as well as memorable guided tours to the wineries. In adition guest can enjoy beautiful beaches  (2km) and the Seafood Rivera (200m).

Sites and gastronomy

In El Puerto de Santa María you can enjoy of the following points of interest:

  • Castillo de San Marcos. Iglesia – Fortaleza del S.XIII. Consult in reception.
  • Palacio de Aranibar.
  • Antigua Lonja.
  • Casa de las Cadenas.
  • Palacio de Roque Aguado.
  • Palacio Reinoso Mendoza.
  • Real Plaza de Toros.
  • Iglesia de San Francisco.
  • Fundación Pedro Muñoz Seca.
  • Iglesia Mayor Prioral.
  • Museo Municipal Sala El Hospitalito
  • Casa de los Leones.
  • Convento de Santo Domingo.
  • Fundación Rafael Alberti.
  • Convento de la Concepción.
  • Iglesia de las esclavas Sagrado Corazón.
  • Fuente de las Galeras.
  • Aduana de los Duques de Medinaceli.
  • Hospital de San Juan de Dios.
  • Museo Taurino “José Luis Galloso”.
  • Monasterio de la Victoria.
  • Excursiones a caballo. Consult in reception.

The are many wineries in the area, where guests may learn about the traditional wine-making process of region’s “Jerez-Xérez-Sherry” By appointment only. Please ask in reception.

In close proximity to Casa Palacio de Luja guest may enjoy unique culinary experiences at renowned restaurants such as Romerijo, Casa Flores, Bar Bodeguita el Jaomón, etc.



El Puerto de Santa María is one of the towns most representative of La Costa de la Luz, situated among pine forests (Parque Natural de los Toruños), beaches (Levante, Valdelagrana, Santa Catalina or Fuenterrabia) and marshes, in the heart of Cádiz Bay.

La Casa Palacio de Luja is located in the centre of El Puerto de Santa María, between the Luja Street an Recta street just metres of The Rivera Of the Seafood and the shopping area of the city.

El Puerto de Santa María is one of the most representative towns of La Costa de la Luz, surrounded by pine forests (Parque Natural de los Toruños), beaches (Levante, Valdelagrana, Santa Catalin, Fuenterrabia) and marshes, in the heart of Cádiz Bay.

La Casa Palacio de Luja is located in the center of El Puerto de Santa María in Luja Street only metres away from the Seafood Rivera and the main shopping area of town.

Alongside Virgen de los Milagros Street (corner of Luja Street) taxi and bus services are available; as well as banks, ATMs, pharmacies, etc.

The Renfe train station is only a 15-minute walk from the apartments. It serves several short distance destinations such as Jerez, Cádiz, San Fernando and Seville as well as Madrid via the Alvia high-speed train (4 hours).

The harbor to the Bahia Cadiz Catamaran is only 10 minutes away. On this modern vessel guests can enjoy navigating the Atlantic and reach Cadiz in only 30 minutes. Check the timetable at reception.

3 Recta Street

A brand new building following the architectural guidelines of the area. Our STANDARD apartments surround a Magnificent Andalusian patio.

13 Luja Street

Centuries-old street born on the river banks and flowing into Virgen de los Milagros Street; better known as Long Street due to its length. It maintains its original adobe pavement. Home to El Puerto de Santa María Social Security office; it is a quiet street with limited transit. Que unidades estan aqui? Standard?

15 Luja Street

Prolongation of 13 Luja Street. The residences along this street maintain the traditional architecture of El Puerto de Santa María. Following tradition, 15 Luja Street has restored its longstanding manor house while keeping the traditional architecture. With a magnificent portal dated back to the year 1865.

Herein lie the DELUXE apartments. These conserve their 4-meter high ceilings, restored stone arches, patios and original marble staircases.